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A comprehensive range of sustainable packing materials

Packing materials are an essential factor when executing a successful removal as they provide protection for your possessions. We have utilised our industry expertise to source the optimal removal packing materials for packing and protecting your treasured possessions.

We offer a wide range of packing materials including various sizes of packing boxes, high-quality tape, packing paper and bubble wrap.

MoveStore removal packing boxes with labels

Professional Service

Prior to your move, our experienced team will be able to outline our packing material recommendations specific to your requirements. This will include our suggested packing material bundle that will provide you with the correct quantity of essential packing materials and any additional packing materials that are specific to your possessions.

We offer a full range of packing services that utilise these packing materials; however, if you would prefer to pack yourself, we can deliver the necessary packing materials to you prior to your removal. We understand the time involved in packing and protecting your possessions; therefore, we can arrange the delivery of your packing materials in a timely manner well in advance of your removal day. As standard following on from your move, we can arrange the collection of used packing materials in order to recycle them.

High-Quality Packing Materials

All the packing materials within our comprehensive range are chosen and crafted based on their ability to safeguard your belongings throughout the moving process. By partnering with industry-leading suppliers, we ensure that our packing materials are purpose made for durability and reliability.

  • Boxes – our packing boxes are strong and durable and available in various sizes
  • Tape – our high-quality PVC tape contains a pre-printed room grid to assist with labelling boxes
  • Packing paper – our packing paper provides protection for items within boxes
  • Bubble wrap – our bubble wrap provides protection for extremely delicate items

In conjunction with all our essential packing materials, we also employ multiple additional materials to pack and protect your items. These include hanging garment cartons that allow the direct transfer of your hanging clothes and custom-made protective covers for artwork and televisions.

MoveStore packing materials and packing boxes

Sustainable Packing Materials

Eco friendly signs and logos on wooden blocks. MoveStore is committed to a sustainable future

As an environmentally-conscious removals company, we have taken multiple steps to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our environmental impact. One of the primary factors that assists us in minimising our environmental impact is our use of sustainable packing materials. We operate with recycled packing boxes and reusable protective furniture covers to ensure that we play our part in creating a greener more sustainable removals industry.

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