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Continually striving to develop a greener moving experience

At MoveStore we take pride in being more than just a removals and storage company, we are highly committed to having a positive impact on the environment whilst ensuring a sustainable future. Throughout our business we are dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint, promoting eco-friendly practices and conserving natural resources. 

Renowned for its history and natural beauty, Edinburgh serves as the backdrop to our operation. However, although the majority of our work is conducted within the capital we complete removals UK-wide through our long distance removals services. Our initiatives are aligned with reducing the impact we have on the environment throughout the UK.

Efficient Fleet Management

Our fleet management strategy is designed to optimise efficiency and minimise environmental impact. MoveStores commitment to sustainability can be seen in the following practises: Optimised Routes – We spend time planning the most efficient routes in order to reduce fuel consumption, minimise mileage and reduce emissions. Fuel-Efficient Vehicles – We prioritise using low-emission vehicles, ensuring that all vehicles in our fleet adhere to the highest emission standards. Regular Maintenance – We conduct regular vehicle maintenance checks in order to ensure they are performing well, reducing fuel consumption and thus reducing emissions. Driver Training – Our drivers receive regular training in order to ensure they are driving fuel-efficient routes and driving in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sustainable Packing Materials

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our vehicle operation, encompassing the responsible use and recycling of materials. Below are the positive steps we take when purchasing and using materials:

  • Recycled Cartons: 100% of cartons are sourced from a supplier of cartons made from recycled cardboard, showcasing our commitment to reducing resource consumption and promoting reuse.
  • Carton Collection: We further offer a free local collection service for excess cardboard, underscoring our dedication to recycling and minimising waste. All cartons are collected when a vehicle is passing in order to avoid the use of any additional fuel. Once cartons have been collected they will be reused or recycled.
  • Reusable Furniture Covers: We also use premium reusable quilted furniture covers for local removals. These covers ensure we drastically reduce the use of plastic within the business whilst allowing us to take additional care of your items.
  • Paper: Our office uses minimal paper, by using specific software we are able to minimise our consumption of paper. On the occasions we do print, we print on recycled double-sided paper.
  • Supplier Monitoring: At MoveStore we select and monitor the values and performances of our suppliers to ensure their environmental goals continually align with ours.
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Waste Management and Recycling

Eco friendly signs and logos on wooden blocks. MoveStore is committed to a sustainable future

We use a range of packing materials to ensure we provide you with a professional removal service. We don’t just prioritise the impact on the environment when purchasing and using materials but also when recycling them.

Below are the steps we take in order to make a difference:

  • Recycling: We recycle all of our materials individually, separating cardboard, paper, plastic, wood and metal.
  • Landfill Reduction: Due to our efforts to recycle we ensure we send a minimal amount of overall waste to landfill.

At MoveStore we believe any positive steps to reduce the impact on the environment can have a big impact in the future. As a business involved in transportation and packaging, we are aware the steps we have taken and the steps we will take in the future are having a positive impact on the environment. We are aware this is important to both us and our clients. We will ensure we continue to monitor possible changes in the future and will continue to take the positive action that is required.

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