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An experienced and trusted removals service in North Berwick

At MoveStore we are the trusted removals and storage company serving the enchanted town of North Berwick, and the wider East Lothian area. If you are planning a removal within North Berwick or moving to or from this seaside town, our dedicated staff will ensure you have a seamless and stress-free moving experience. Based in Edinburgh and East Lothian we regularly conduct removals and storage services in North Berwick.

Removals and Storage in North Berwick

At MoveStore our team is equipped to give you a professional moving experience to North Berwick. We will handle every part of your removal professionally allowing you a stress-free move to the charming North Berwick. Contact us today to obtain a quote for your removals and storage requirements.

A view from the air of North Berwick and the beach. MoveStore offers removal services in North Berwick and East Lothian

Town Details

Only 25 miles from Edinburgh, North Berwick is one of Scotland’s most stunning coastal towns. With some stunning scenery and historic charm, it is hardly surprising that North Berwick is one of the most desirable places to live in and around Edinburgh. If you are among the many considering a move to North Berwick, contact MoveStore for more information today to receive a quote, tailored to your specific requirements.

Local Attractions

  • Enjoy panoramic views of North Berwick when standing atop the iconic North Berwick Law. Like the Law elevated East Lothian’s skyline, at MoveStore we believe in elevating your moving experience.
  • Tantallon Castle also has a great view of the sea from the imposing fortress. We will ensure your world possessions are equally safe during your move.
  • MoveStore will ensure a smooth removal for you and your family, allowing you to enjoy the local attractions such as the Seabird Centre where you can discover the wonders of marine life and seabirds.