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Consistently relieving the stress of long distance moves

As a national removals company, we can take care of the additional logistical factors that arise when completing a long-distance removal. We tailor our service to your individual requirements and complete the meticulous planning necessary to ensure a seamless moving experience.

We have built an impeccable reputation as a long-distance removals specialist by upholding the high level of service we are known for in our house removal service when completing nationwide removals. Our reviews provide testimony to this reputation and the satisfaction of our clients who have entrusted us with conducting their moves.

A MoveStore van out in the countryside doing a long distance move in the UK

Nationwide Coverage

We cover the full length and breadth of the UK as long-distance movers, ensuring that we can accommodate your moving needs. Whether you are relocating for a job or moving to be closer to family, we can tailor our services to your individual requirements.

Our team are on hand to discuss and then meticulously plan your move to ensure that your relocation is smoothly executed. This enhanced focus on move preparation is essential when carrying out a long distance removal as there are many intricacies to consider. In turn, this allows us to remove the factors of uncertainty from your relocation.

From the heights of the Scottish Highlands to the depths of the south coast of Cornwall, trust MoveStore to navigate the logistics of your long distance move.

Edinburgh to London Removals

When moving between capital cities it is essential to find a company that understands the logistics of a longer distance move. Given that Edinburgh is located over 400 miles from London, finding a company that is familiar with the journey will ensure that they can conduct this distance of journey in the most efficient manner, resulting in an economical quote.

As one of our most popular routes, our team are experts in conducting moves from Edinburgh to London. As a result, we are familiar with the unique nuances of completing a removal from Edinburgh to London. Our team are able to provide guidance and recommendations when preparing your move-plan to ensure that the move is tailored to your requirements and the specifics of a relocation from Edinburgh to London.

Moving and storage services Edinburgh by MoveStore - A picture looking up to Edinburgh Castle with a blue sky

London to Edinburgh Removals

London to Edinburgh removals service by MoveStore - a picture of central London, the Thames and London Bridge

With our vast experience moving clients across the UK, we are also very well versed in completing removals from London to Edinburgh. Our familiarity with completing this journey ensures that we are able to conduct your move in the most efficient and economical way. 

Although it may seem counterintuitive, moving from London to Edinburgh is cheaper with an Edinburgh removal company. As an Edinburgh-based company, we are not constricted by the higher operating costs of being based in London, which allows us to cut your relocation costs and eradicate the premium charge of London-based companies.

In addition to the reduced removal costs, we are also able to provide far greater flexibility when completing your move. As our storage facility is based in Edinburgh, we will work with you to arrange the convenient and flexible delivery of your items, providing long or short-term storage to ease your relocation.

Part Load Removals

Our part load removal service allows us to provide a cost-effective solution when you have a smaller quantity of items to move long distance without detracting from the high standard of service that you would expect from MoveStore.

We continually have vehicles travelling across the length and breadth of the UK allowing us to reduce the cost of your removal by collecting or delivering your items in conjunction with a larger removal already scheduled. To ensure the flexibility of our part load removal service, we offer a range of integrated storage solutions. We can accommodate your requirements, whether you need to temporarily store your items before they reach their destination or require a flexible storage option during the transition.

In our commitment to environmental responsibility as a national removals company, we strive to minimise our carbon footprint by rarely running our vehicles empty. In turn, this contributes to our environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

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