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Expertly moving your valuable and delicate items

Our specialist items removal service is designed to adapt to the unique requirements of moving various delicate and valuable items. From piano removals, to fine art and antiques, we have the experience, expertise and equipment required to move these valuable items with the utmost care and precision. 

By choosing MoveStore, you are instructing a company that genuinely cares about your items and your move. Our experienced team will ensure your items receive the highest level of care and attention to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Piano being carefully moved onto a MoveStore van

Expert Specialist Removals Edinburgh

At MoveStore, we understand both the sentimental and financial value of your specialist items. That is why we ensure that the correct planning and preparation is undertaken to ensure your move is seamless. In addition, we include comprehensive insurance cover to give you peace of mind throughout the entire process, safeguarding your valuable possessions every step of the way.

Our specialist items removal service is tailored to accommodate your specific needs. Whether your item requires specific protection, custom crating or extra handling precautions, we will ensure we have planned and addressed every aspect to guarantee the safe relocation of your cherished belongings.

Piano Removals

We understand that pianos are far more than just musical instruments, as they are often cherished family heirlooms. For this reason, we ensure that care and attention is given to piano moving whether it is being moved individually or as part of our house removals service.

Our piano removal service encompasses all variations of piano – upright, grand and electric, each requiring a specific tailored technique to ensure the piano is moved safely and securely. When moving pianos, we will always take the necessary steps to ensure that each component of the piano is protected before transporting it using our piano-specific shoes and dollies.

Piano in position after being moved by MoveStore in Edinburgh

Fine Art Removals

Fine Art Removals by MoveStore - an image of a fine art gallery

We ensure that the utmost care is taken when moving fine art as we understand that the beauty and value of a piece is intertwined with its condition. Our attention to detail and meticulous planning and preparation provides you with peace of mind when moving your art collection.

Our fine art removals service is crafted to handle paintings, sculptures and other valuable pieces of artwork. We can provide guidance and expert advice prior to the move to ensure that all precautions are taken when packing, protecting and transporting your fine art. By implementing the necessary steps, we are able to preserve the condition of your prized pieces.

Antique Removals

Antique items come in many forms, from large grandfather clocks to delicate china sets and vintage book collections. It is for this reason that we offer a bespoke antique removals service that is tailored to handle the intricacies of moving valuable and often irreplaceable items.

Our team of trained antique packers implement industry-leading practices, utilising custom packaging and crates and secure transportation methods, to preserve the condition of your items.

Antique carved wood grandfather clock in dining room. MoveStore can move antiques

Bulky Item Removals

Image of living room. MoveStore can move all your bulky items safely

Relocating large or heavy items demands a specialist approach in order to overcome any logistical and safety challenges. Prior to the move, we ensure that a thorough assessment and evaluation of the item and potential risks or obstacles takes place. In turn this enables us to establish the necessary specialist equipment required to ensure the safe relocation of cumbersome items.

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