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How Much Do Movers Cost in Edinburgh

Learn more about the various aspects of what can and does affect moving costs, whether it's for your home, business or other.
piano removal edinburgh - a piano being loaded onto a MoveStore van in Edinburgh

Removals Survey

The only way to get an accurate estimate or quotation is to contact a removal company directly. Depending on the size of your removal most companies will insist on conducting a survey whether this be on-site or virtually. At MoveStore we conduct a survey to allow us to understand your specific requirements.

When we conduct a survey we will ask questions you may not have thought to mention over the phone, such as do you have any items in the loft, garage, garden etc. We will also be able to explain the service we offer and how we will protect your furniture.

The following factors can impact the price of your move:

  1. The volume of effects
  2. House or flat type (e.g. a townhouse or 3rd-floor flat may require additional time)
  3. The access for our vehicle(s) at both your current and new property
  4. The volume of furniture needing to be dismantled and reassembled
  5. The day of the week you are looking to move, weekends often have a premium
  6. The travel time both from our depot and between your properties


Long Distance Removals

As mentioned above the travel time will have an impact on the price of your move. At MoveStore we conduct removals all over the UK on a regular basis. Even if you are in the early stages of moving, please contact us so we can prepare a quote for your move.

Removals Cost – Additional Services

At MoveStore we do not only offer a professional removals service, we offer a range of additional services to make your move stress free.

Packing materials

Professional moving companies will offer to supply you with packing materials, including but not limited to cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap and tape. When comparing the cost of these materials to purchasing elsewhere it is worth ensuring you are comparing a similar standard of materials. Professional companies like MoveStore will provide you with a professional standard of removals boxes ensuring your items are protected whilst being transported to your new property. They will also estimate the number of cartons required and likely offer to deliver them to you.

Packing service

At MoveStore we offer the additional option of a professional packing service. The cost of a packing service can depend on the volume of effects to be packed. Depending on the volume of packing required we would typically come in the day prior to conduct a packing service. This would consist of packing your loose items such as kitchen contents, books and clothes.

Unpacking service

As standard, we will place your boxes and furniture into the rooms you request. If you would like us to unpack your boxes, then please let us know at the quoting stage and we can provide you with a cost for doing this. Typically this would consist of returning the day after your removal to open, unpack and remove cartons and packing materials.

Dismantling and re-assembly

At the survey stage, we will discuss the items we feel need to be dismantled prior to the removal. We offer a full dismantling service and will outline the items we have agreed to dismantle in our quotation. As standard, we will assemble any furniture we have dismantled.

Piano Removals

Professional moving companies will offer to move your piano, whether you are looking for just this item or if this is part of a larger move. Many factors such as the specific piano, floor level and access will impact the cost of this. Contact MoveStore to get a quote for your piano removal.

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