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How to Be More Sustainable When Moving House

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Moving home can have quite an impact on your carbon footprint. We have put together some eco-friendly tips that will reduce the impact you have when moving. Find below our five eco-friendly tips for moving home:

Tip 1 – Recycle

Moving home can be a great opportunity to sort through your belongings. You’ll have the chance to recycle contents and furniture that you might no longer need. We would recommend beginning to look at the contents you wish to recycle several weeks before moving and this will give you a chance to send items to charity shops, sell items or recycle them with your local council.

Tip 2 – Only move the things you need

Moving contents you just don’t need can lead to additional packing materials being used and additional vehicles being required. Sorting through your contents thoroughly before your move date can lower the carbon footprint you will have when moving home.

Tip 3 – Choose a removals company that is doing its part for the environment

When choosing a removal company, it can be difficult to understand what that business is doing to reduce its impact on the environment. Here are some of the things MoveStore is currently doing to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint:

Green Suppliers

At MoveStore we purchase our cardboard from companies that use recycled packaging. We also avoid receiving small and unnecessary deliveries to our depot, and ensure that we give our suppliers sufficient time to deliver materials to us on their usual delivery routes. This reduces the amount of fuel they use and therefore the carbon footprint of both our businesses.

Recycling materials

On completion of each removal, all unused packing materials are collected and returned to our Depot for sorting. All materials in good condition, are re-used and materials not suitable for re-use are recycled.

Avoid Empty Runs

At MoveStore we regularly carry out long-distance removals throughout the U.K. We have built a strong network that allows us to ensure our vehicles are rarely running empty when coming back from deliveries.

Vehicle checks

All the vehicles in our fleet are subject to maintenance checks to maximise efficiency and reduce pollution.

Tip 4 – Minimise removal packaging

Reducing the volume of cardboard boxes and packing materials you use in the moving process can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. Certain items will require industry-standard removals packaging materials. However, there are areas you can reduce the use of these. Clothes can be packed into suitcases, drawers with non-breakables can be left full and ottoman storage boxes can be filled with duvets, blankets or linen.

Tip 5 – Minimise driving

If you are fortunate enough to have an overlap in your properties it can be tempting to conduct multiple runs in your vehicle. In most instances, it would be more environmentally friendly to instruct your moving company to take these additional items in one journey. On the moving day itself, it’s also worth ensuring nothing has been left at your old property – which will ensure you don’t have to go back.

By using these 5 tips you can lower the carbon footprint of your removal and help reduce the impact you (and we) have on the environment. If you want to find out more about this or obtain a quotation for your removal, please email or call us on 0131 210 0425.

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