Preparing to Move

Preparing for moving home can be an overwhelming process as there are multiple factors to consider. Prior to moving, it is essential that adequate time and resources are available to pack and protect your possessions in order to ensure that the moving process is seamless. We understand that many of our clients may not have the time, skillset or materials required to pack themselves. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of packing services and packing materials to complement your removal. An outline of these services can be found below.

Please contact our office on 0131 210 0425 to discuss your packing material and packing service requirements with one of our team. We are happy to outline our services in greater detail and provide a free no obligation quote.

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Packing Service Edinburgh

Packing Service

At MoveStore, all our packing services are carried out by team members fully trained in industry-specific packing techniques. Their packing expertise combined with the high-quality specialist packing materials that we use ensures that the risk of damage to your possessions is minimised during the moving process. As our team are proficient in the art of packing, we are able to protect your possessions in a timely manner to minimise disruption to your daily life.

Our comprehensive range of packing options ensures that we can tailor our services to your individual requirements. Amongst this range of services, we offer complete packing services, partial packing services and specialist packing services. Our complete packing service encompasses every aspect of packing and protecting your possessions ready for your removal. Our partial packing service can be tailored to accommodate your individual requirements, where we can pack individual rooms or specific items. Alongside these services, we also have the expertise to pack and prepare specialist items such as fragile artwork and ornaments.

Packing Service Edinburgh

Packing Materials

Packing materials are an essential factor when executing a successful removal as they provide protection for your possessions. We therefore work with industry-leading suppliers to ensure that we can provide purpose-made materials for your removal. Prior to your move, our experienced team will be able to outline our packing material recommendations specific to your requirements. We offer a variety of packing materials including various sizes of packing boxes, high-quality tape, packing paper and bubble wrap.

We offer a full range of packing services that utilise these packing materials; however, if you would prefer to pack yourself, we can deliver the necessary packing materials to you prior to your removal. We understand the time involved in packing and protecting your possessions; therefore, we can arrange the delivery of your packing materials in a timely manner well in advance of your removal day. As standard following on from your move, we can arrange the collection of used packing materials in order to recycle them.

Packing Service Edinburgh


As an environmentally conscious removals company in Edinburgh, we have taken multiple steps to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our environmental impact. This green approach to moving is demonstrated in all aspects of MoveStore, ensuring that we contribute towards more sustainable removals in Edinburgh. Here are some examples of the processes we have implemented:

  • The use of recycled packing materials.
  • The use of reusable furniture protection.
  • The use of fully Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) compliant vehicles.
  • Implementing strategic operational planning to reduce empty journeys.
  • Utilising digital working practices to reduce our paper consumption.
  • Conducting virtual surveys whenever possible.
  • Partnering with eco-friendly recycling and disposal organisations.

By continually striving to adapt and update these processes we are able to play our part in the creation of a greener, more sustainable removals industry.

Packing Service Edinburgh