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A flexible and professional packing service

A professional packing service is the secret to a stress-free moving experience. As a packing and moving company, we are able to handle every aspect of your moving experience including carefully packing and protecting your treasured possessions.

Our comprehensive range of packing services are carried out by our fully trained and experienced team of expert packers, providing you with peace of mind when moving home.

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Preparing to Move

Preparing for a home move can be overwhelming as there are multiple factors to consider. Prior to moving home, adequate time and resources must be available to pack and protect your possessions in order to ensure that the moving process is seamless.

We understand that many of our clients may not have the time, skillset or materials required to pack themselves. Therefore, we offer a range of packing services and packing materials to complement your removal. These services can all be tailored to your individual requirements to ensure that we create a removals experience that works for you.

Packing Service

At MoveStore, all our packing services are carried out by team members fully trained in industry-specific packing techniques. Their packing expertise combined with the high-quality specialist packing materials that we use ensures that the risk of damage to your possessions is minimised during the moving process. As our team are proficient in the art of packing, we are able to protect your possessions in a timely manner to minimise disruption to your daily life.

Our comprehensive range of packing options ensures that we can tailor our services to your individual requirements. We have the perfect options to complement your move, whether you are looking for a house packing service to take the stress out of your house removal or an office packing service to minimise downtime when completing an office removal.

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Pick the removals packing service that is right for you


MoveStore packing materials and packing boxes

We understand that some of our clients prefer a hands-on approach and would prefer to pack their belongings themselves.

Our team are able to provide guidance on how to correctly pack and prepare your items for the move. To get an insight into some helpful tips when preparing for your move, check out our Moving House Checklist.

Sustainable Packing

As an environmentally-conscious removals company, we have taken multiple steps to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our environmental impact. One of the primary factors that assists us in minimising our environmental impact is our use of sustainable packing materials.

We operate with recycled packing boxes and reusable protective furniture covers to ensure that we play our part in creating a greener more sustainable removals industry.

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